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> We have no direct affiliation with any utility or energy supplier and, therefore, we always offer unbiased information to our clients. There is never any doubt that we work for you. The integrity of our process is the key to our success, and has allowed us to form trusted partnerships with our clients.
> We assist you in developing an overall energy procurement and risk management strategy that meets the needs and objectives of your particular organization.
> You can decide how much involvement you want in the process – we will take care of as little or as much of the process as is preferred, and will always be available in a consulting capacity.
> We calculate the disaggregation of costs down to the facility level, which allows you to see all expenses up front and track budget performance by facility.
> We handle all backroom operations required to help you function efficiently in a wholesale market – including forecasting, balancing, scheduling, settlement, tracking, and reporting; commodity purchasing; risk management; and problem solving.
> Quality control is woven throughout the entire process and includes such things as our summary pricing sheets – created to protect you against billing inconsistencies caused by complicated accounting.
> We employ our own proprietary software to manage and analyze the complicated data that results from interfacing with both utilities and suppliers. This software enables us to keep our costs – and yours – to a minimum.
> There is no markup for our services as with typical energy marketers or brokers but, instead, a small, consistent per unit fee.

Finding a balance that works for you.
We move our clients higher up the energy supply chain. By procuring wholesale energy, organizations are able to set budgets and protect themselves in a volatile market through a variety of risk management tools. In many instances, energy purchasing decision makers struggle with the need to balance verifiable savings with an acceptable level of price certainty and stability. We will help you develop both your internal strategy for risk, and an energy plan that helps you reach your goals.

The advantages of buying energy wholesale.
> Dynamic, responsive approach – Work with the market, instead of being bound by it. Wholesale purchasing offers flexibility, letting you change strategies throughout the year, and allowing dynamic market fluctuations to work within your plan. We continuously monitor the market, searching for opportunities that allow you to take advantage of these fluctuations.

> Personal energy portfolios – Our job is to create an energy portfolio for your individual organization that allows you to be neutral to the market. In some ways, this process is similar to the stock market: we utilize financial tools to protect you from "losing investments" when the energy market rises and falls. For example, we may suggest you diversify your energy portfolio so each investment "shields" the others. Meaning, when one investment loses, another gains, keeping your budget inline and on target.

> No more bundled expenses – Individual expenses will be broken out to observe and measure, so you can see exactly what is driving your energy cost. You can review this information yourself, or have us take care of it for you.

> Competitive bidding – Our unbiased approach to wholesale purchasing allows us to shop around for the best scenario pricing for you. Qualified wholesale energy suppliers will compete for this business, keeping your costs down and within budget.

> Creates new tax advantages – A variety of tax advantages are available to organizations that elect to purchase energy on the wholesale market, and would be fully explained when applicable.

> Control factor – You have greater control, better access to pertinent information, and more opportunities to tailor your energy expenses to your organization’s needs.

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