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What is deregulation and how does it affect me?
New York's decision to deregulate its electricity markets enabled consumers to purchase their electric commodity from sources other than the utility. It provided the end-user with the ability to choose its electricity supplier.

What is the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO)?
The organization that administrates the wholesale electricity markets and the means by which deregulation was made possible. It is the clearinghouse for all wholesale transactions in New York State.

If I purchase my energy supply from an entity other than the utility, will the quality of the electricity be any different and will it still be delivered reliably?
The electricity will be the same as if it was purchased from the utility, and since the utility continues to provide delivery services reliability will not change.

Who would I contact in case of a power-related emergency?
You would continue to contact your applicable utility to report any emergency.

What are the ways in which energy supply is purchased in New York State?
Energy supply may be purchased from any of the following:

1. The local utility;
2. An Energy Service Company (ESCO);
3. Through special contracts, in whole or in part, with suppliers such as New York Power Authority; or
4. If of sufficient size, directly from the NYISO.

What does it mean to purchase energy supply directly from the NYISO?
Purchasing electricity directly from the NYISO, as a so-called Direct Customer, is the means by which you may receive the wholesale price for your energy supply.

How do I become a Direct Customer of the NYISO?
Fluent Energy will manage all requirements for becoming a Direct Customer, including the completion of all applications required by the applicable utility, New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) and the NYISO, and completion of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) testing on your behalf.

What is EDI testing?
EDI is the standard by which data is transmitted between utilities and the Direct Customer.

How long does it take before I can start purchasing as a Direct Customer?
Typically no more than 120 days once the aforementioned applications are submitted.

What contracts must I sign in order to become a Direct Customer?
You will need to sign contracts with the NYISO, NYSDPS and applicable utility in order to become a Direct Customer and with Fluent Energy to act as your consultant.

Can I aggregate a large number of small users into a larger buying group?
Yes. All corporate, institutional, municipal, commercial or industrial facilities may be aggregated into a single wholesale Direct Customer purchasing group.

Can I aggregate my loads across utility territories across New York State?

Can I be a Direct Customer if I receive NYPA grants or special tariff rates?
Yes. Energy requirements that are not served completely through a NYPA or other special contract may be purchased from the wholesale market as a Direct Customer.

Where do my energy bills come from as a Direct Customer?
You will continue to receive a bill from the utility for its delivery charges for each of your accounts. You will receive a single, calendar-month bill from the NYISO for your wholesale electricity supply purchases. Fluent Energy does not bill you for the electricity that you purchase.

If I become a Direct Customer, will my utility bills change?
They may change depending on your current commodity supplier.

Is a Direct Customer required to pay sales tax?
Sales tax is paid on the wholesale commodity cost, unless the Direct Customer qualifies for a sales tax exemption. No sales tax is applied to the utility's delivery bill when you become a retail access participant.

As a Direct Customer, is Fluent Energy providing me a product or a service?
Fluent Energy provides the technical and consulting services that enable you to purchase wholesale energy. We do not take title to the energy that you purchase. As a Direct Customer you purchase your electricity directly from the NYISO. You receive a bill each month for the services we provide.

Will I have access to my account information?
Yes. Fluent Energy executes an open-book model that provides you complete access to your procurement-related information. We provide monthly reports that summarize your accounts cost information, as well as customized analysis designed to track agreed-upon data.

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