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Currently, we are the only company that offers this type of service to organizations across New York State. We also offer a full range of energy consulting services – such as management of price volatility – regardless of your location. Our clients include organizations that typically consume over one million dollars a year in gas and electricity, such as universities, hospitals, manufacturers, municipalities, and multi-location entities. Many of our clients already have energy departments, but often look to us for information and assistance when procuring wholesale energy.

> With over 75 cumulative years of energy experience, our staff is well equipped to solve complex problems. We are fascinated by the entire energy procurement process, and have a deep respect for its inner workings. We want to demystify the deregulated energy market for you, so you are able to take advantage of all of its inherent benefits.

Working with you to find individual solutions.
We partner with you to create an energy purchasing strategy that is customized to your organization’s objectives. Even if you have an experienced energy manager on staff, we can prove to be an invaluable resource and become an "as needed" extension of your energy department.

With Fluent Energy, you can trust in your future.
We are a unique entity in the energy industry. Attention to detail and commitment to protecting our clients’ interests have allowed us to establish credibility – and stability – in this ever-changing industry. As the landscape of energy resources changes – such as wind power, biomass, and others – we will continue to work for you and search for new ways to help you reach your goals more efficiently. While these alternatives already exist for some of our clients, we will pursue research on these and other viable options for all of our clients, and will prepare you for any new opportunities that arise. We exist to serve our clients’ best interests. Therefore it is imperative that any prospective client and we agree on the processes involved and the goals desired. For trust and understanding are not only our watchwords, they are what our entire company was founded on.

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